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Now that work can be accessed remotely, more people are considering different ways of life, removed from the stresses of urban living. The lure of a simple life, uncomplicated by excess possessions and in sync with nature rather than battling against it, has never been stronger. This notion is no more observable than in far away, coastal towns, where localism, shared knowledge and folklore prevails. The aesthetic that follows is uncompromisingly rugged, thanks to harsh weather and unforgiving seas, yet there is a strong undertone of optimism and hope.

Visually there is a nod to colors that were once bold and rich, now weather-worn to create a unity across the palette; the murky ocean blue of ‘Granite’, the faded red of fishing nets and ever-changing stormy skies. A nautical theme is inarguable.

This story is an obvious outlet for the use of locally sourced materials including leather, shells, linen, canvas and wool, as well as self-sufficient craft techniques like knotting, weaving and stitching. Homage is paid to seafaring heritage, both cultural and culinary, with cosmetics featuring coastal ingredients like algae, salt crystals, fish oil and sea kale.

In fashion, this utility-driven theme takes the form in sustainable clothing made from hardy fabrics such as heavy rubber boots, chunky knits, thick tweed trousers and sun-bleached linen. Function meets paired pack, beautiful simplicity.

Color description 

‘Granite’ is a mid-tone stormy blue-grey with a red undertone, taking it almost into an indigo hue. Pair our versatile ‘Granite’ with our crimson ‘Lipstick Red’ for a compatible contrast, or our off-white ‘Almond’ for a complementary palette.


The deep blue-red-grey of ‘Granite’ sets a rugged, maritime mood. Rather than escalating fear, succumbing to the forces of nature is overpoweringly calming and gives us a sense of stoic resilience.


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