Doug Wittnebel - Fantail Palm & Bouganville

Acoustic Wall Art Panels

The Acoustic Art project uses our QuietPrint™ high-resolution printing technology to feature works of art by contemporary artists on our smooth FilaSorb™ felt.

Acoustic Art panels give designers the opportunity to hang sound absorbing art from thier walls, with each piece achieving an NRC rating of 0.75. Artworks are available in multiple sizes and dimensions, and come framed with every order.

Doug Wittnebel

Street Palms Santa Monica
City Dreams
Fantail Palm and Bouganville
Favourite Buildings in Manhattan
Flatiron Building
Hacienda Cantada
Myou ji Temple Bell Tower
Myou ji Temple Entrance Doors
Myou ji Temple-Japan
New York Night Dreams
Single Palm
Sushi in Omotesando Tokyo
The Masu Wooden Box for Sake
Tortola Virgin Islands
Village Dreams
Zocolo Mexico City

Doug is an architect, designer, illustrator and artist – also known as ‘the Designer that cannot stop drawing’. Like many artists, Doug sees the world through a unique lens. His artwork is a result of his unique viewpoint, combined with his undying interest in visual phenomena, a deep sense of history, and a dry a sense of humor.

This, combined with multiple layers of sound practical experience as a free hand drawer and designer, forms the basis of Doug’s artistic collection​

Helene Hardy

Western Beaches
Worlds Apart

My passion for abstraction presents a fluid and organic aesthetic that is thought provoking and evocative. My large scale works in acrylic have been acquired by corporate institutions world wide, including an Australian High Commission, and are now in many homes and private collections across Australia, America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Singapore. I aim to communicate a diverse array of emotions through my art, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking and ever-changing view from my studio in the Adelaide Hills.

Frank Chinea Inguanzo

El Viaje
La Reflection
Life Upside Down
Mirando La Vida
The Book
Frank Chinea Inguanzo Artist

Frank’s paintings focus on themes of loss, love, hurt and despair. The works are visual depictions of personal events occurring throughout his life journey. The paintings are designed to standalone to display the strength each individual piece possesses. Black scenarios and stormy views populate his paintings. Diluted figures and dislocated entities emerge from the dark scenarios as his way of presenting his subconscious world. Expressionistic traits and contorted brushstrokes over thick impasto define his dramatic approach to painting.

Takuro Kuwabara

Cara Var
Cara Var
Cara Var
Takuro Fuwabara Artist

Takuro Kuwabara was born in Fukuoka prefecture, southern Japan in 1949. His progression to becoming an adult was influenced by the cities in which he lived which included over time Hamburg, Chicago and New York. He finished senior school at Scarsdale High School and then started studying at The Cooper Union School of Art & Architecture. Takuro returned to Tokyo before his studies were completed. Originally a conceptual and abstract artist, Takuro discovered digital art quite late in his life and this is where he has excelled. He has had solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Nagoya and many other cities across Japan as well as group exhibitions around the world.

Drew Harrison

A Beginners Guide to Planetary Domination
Medusa Complex
The Imposter
Tigers in the attic
Drew Harrison Artist

Drew Harrison is a practicing professional artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. He has extended his formal illustrative background and forged a path into Fine and Contemporary art. As a contemporary artist, Drew is best described as a “Thematic Progressionist” – one who employs a range of technical and artistic styles to explore an infinite set of ideas and subsequently add greater depth to the interpretation a concept. As an acrylic paint specialist, Drew has created a wide range of artworks for private and commercial projects.

Isabella Cuccato

Dittico Part One
Dittico Part Two
Edifici a Milano
Finestra Con Barca a Vela
Finestra Con Colonna
Isabella Cuccato Artist

Isabella Cuccato resides in Milan and studied architecture and art history at Milan Polytechnic. She has devoted herself entirely to painting, painting in oil and with other techniques, on wood and on canvas, on walls and on ceilings. The paintings are rich in references to ancient painting, but also linked to the experiences and events of modern art.

Mitchell Schorr

Blue Melt
Blue Melt
Ice Cream Melt
Mitchell Schorr Artist

Mitchell Schorr transcends the boundaries of street art sensibilities and is a guiding force among the quintessential urban artists of our time. From the rock and roll drawings, to his iconic mural series Da Race, to the luminous abstractions that are deconstructed from his paintings, Schorr is both bold and nuanced and perfectly at ease in his repertoire. Everything he does is connected, and everything he creates captures energy.

Alejandro Avakian

El Pintory la Modelo
El Puente de Brooklyn
Alejandro Avakian Artist

Alejandro Avakian has come a long way before reaching this present moment in which he explores the deepest impulses of his being. His images acquire magical and auratic energy both on canvas and on paper. In his works Avakian redeems the elastic nobility of oil and the flexibility of the ´well tightened´ frame that provide the means to capture his universe nourished by Buenos Aires idiosyncrasy.

Ross Morgan

Architectural Still Life
Coloured Blocks and Plane
The Diver the Chicken and the Fox
The Drumming Boy the Hippopotamus
The Farmer
Ross Morgan Artist

The quiet whimsical world Ross Morgan explored as a boy is the world that appears on canvas. A contemporary surrealist painter and illustrator from Adelaide, South Australia, Ross feels inspired to construct synthetic moments in time that ‘could almost‘ exist. A subtle dreamlike world, reflective of everyday relationships, geometry and gestures.”

Product Details


0.75, no air gap

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating dependent on sound frequencies and mounting method.


Composition 100% polyester
Recycled Content60% min.
NRC Rating0.75
Thickness25mm +/- 10%
DimensionsVarious – Custom size available upon request
Fire RatingAS/ISO 9705.1, Group 1 ASTM E84-17a, Class A


Every square meter of FilaSorb™ diverts on average approximately 108 x 600ml PET drinking bottles from landfill.


Acoufelt design engineers stand ready to serve on your design team, marrying their deep understanding of the art and science of sound management to your vision with custom cutting, coloring, printing, bevelling, shaping and technical advice to soundscape your designs.

How to specify

Icon Surface
1. Choose your surfaces.

Soundscape by placing enough sound absorption where it has the greatest impact, factoring in high traffic and noisy areas. Hint: adjoining surfaces with sound absorbing materials reduce reverberation faster.

Icon Color
2. Select a color, pattern or cut.

Choose from our broad palette and design gallery, or use our custom capabilities to design your own.

Icon Measure
3. Measure your installation space.

Take the dimensions and get in touch so we can help you soundscape your space efficiently.

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