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Improve the comfort of any space with Acoufelt’s range of acoustic carpet tiles.

Acoustic carpet tiles

In many buildings, hard flooring contributes to a cacophony of noise and echo due to its sound-reflective nature. Acoustic carpet tiles absorb noise to transform any space to create clearer, quieter, and more intentional sound.

Our acoustic flooring solutions are specifically designed to improve a space’s functionality, productivity, and privacy, for the improved well-being of occupants.

Discover our sound-absorbing carpet tiles

Our carpet tiles offer a range of aesthetic and acoustic options to create the right atmosphere within your space. Our brands provide various options suitable for commercial, educational, retail and hospitality contexts. 


Our new LaidBack™ collection is designed for durability and performance.


Interstellar Carpet Tiles


The range of QuietBack™ acoustic carpet tiles are designed specifically for superior acoustic performance. 


Seven Seas Acoustic Carpet Tiles


LandLines Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Latin Carpet Tiles

Latin Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Borough Carpet Tiles

Borough Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Canyon Carpet Tiles

Canyon Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Monitor Carpet Tiles

Monitor Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Elemental Carpet Tiles

Elemental Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Flinders Carpet Tiles

Flinders Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Scatter Carpet Tiles

Scatter Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Escape Carpet Tiles

Escape Acoustic Carpet Tiles

MultiStorey Carpet Tiles

MultiStorey Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Urban Carpet Tiles

Urban Acoustic Carpet Tiles

BarrierBack™ Carpet Tiles

BarrierBack™ carpet tiles are made from 100% solution-dyed nylon, and provide aesthetic versatility.

Flow Carpet Tiles

Flow Carpet Tiles

Argentium Carpet Tiles

Argentium Carpet Tiles

Satellite Carpet Tiles

Satellite Carpet Tiles

How to specify acoustic flooring solutions

Ordering customized acoustic carpet tiles for your space with Acoufelt is simple. Get started with your acoustic flooring solution by following these three easy steps:

1. Choose your surface

First, choose the right surface to soundscape your space, and select where it will be placed to have maximum impact. Our team can help you make this decision, factoring in high traffic and noisy areas. For more efficient sound absorption, we recommend installing sound-absorbing materials on adjoining surfaces.

2. Select a color, pattern, or cut

Select from a board palette of shades to suit your space and provide a seamless aesthetic match. Opt for a single hue or choose a complementary color scheme to create patterns of scale, perfect for large areas. 

3. Measure the installation space

Choose an installation pattern based on a desired aesthetic preference. We have several pattern layout options to suit a space’s selected tile shape and its dimensions.


Have more questions about the acoustic flooring solutions available from Acoufelt? Check out our frequently asked questions for more.

Unlike hard flooring, acoustic carpet traps soundwaves in its soft, porous pile and felt backing. Absorbing excess sound and decreasing sound reverberation improves the intelligibility of conversations, making it possible to regain privacy and intimacy in communication. It can also help to reduce noise levels that, when left to get too high, can subconsciously contribute to a more stressful or overwhelming environment.

Yes! Speak to our team about finding the right carpet tiles or acoustic flooring solution to suit your space. We have suitable options for your needs, from interior retail spaces to urban civic areas, commercial properties, and offices.

Acoustic flooring solutions can be measured and compared using their ‘NRC’ rating. This acronym stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient and measures how effective a product is at absorbing sound, with 0 being not at all and 1 being very effective. Our cross-functioning team of designers, acoustic consultants and customer care team can guide you to making the right choice from our range of acoustic carpet tiles, wall panels, and furniture.

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