Our Manufacturing

Source Control

Our designs begin with the careful and uncompromising sourcing and design of every fiber and material we use. Where possible, and without compromising on quality, we pursue sustainable practices in manufacturing that close the loop on the circular economy through careful and considered raw material sourcing. 

We also ensure that any sourced materials or chemicals used in our products are safe for our manufacturing staff to handle, and are ultimately safe for human use.

Innovation & Technology

Our expert technicians put innovation at the heart of manufacturing to achieve the highest quality finishes for maximum acoustic performance across our floor, wall and ceiling products. 

We deliver this through a unique process of calibrating a high-quality blend of the finest sourced fibres for our FilaSorb™, QuietBack™ and BarrierBack™ collections to achieve a strong acoustic performance, refined surface finish and unique colour palette only available from Acoufelt.

Our Product Development team pursue technological advances in installation methods, performance testing and materiality to advance the capability of our products for the eyes and the ears.

Precision & Craftsmanship

Years of manufacturing expertise controlled under internationally recognized standards ensures our products
meet the requisite quality required for commercial use, as well as achieve our promise of delivering on a beautiful finish.

We set the bar for craftsmanship by turning our acoustic materials into creative and design-led interior solutions, using the latest cutting, bevelling and printing software and machinery to produce exacting quality products.

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