Our success is underpinned by our culture and values.

Culture is the heartbeat of our organisation.

We believe that only when we create a diverse, inclusive environment can our people and business operate at full potential. A high-performing workforce with distinct skillsets and backgrounds, our team is united by a culture that nurtures empowerment, agility, collaboration and a forward-thinking mindset.


We believe in the power of volunteering to create positive impacts both on the wider community and our team members involved.

Through Acoufelt’s staff volunteering scheme, our team are encouraged and supported to dedicate their time and skills to meaningful causes. This initiative strengthens the company’s ties with its community and creates a sense of pride and purpose among our team.

Acoufelt recognises the importance of supporting our team members during significant life events, including the birth or adoption of a child.

Acoufelt offers parental leave that goes beyond the minimum requirements, providing paid time off, new parents leave and flexibility for all new parents to bond with their children and adjust to their new roles.

We understand that a one size fits all approach to work doesn’t suit everyone’s needs. Acoufelt offers flexible work agreements that allow employees to balance their professional responsibilities with personal commitments.

Whether it’s remote work options, flexible hours or part time work agreements, Acoufelt ensures that its team members can thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our recruitment practices. We strive to attract a diverse pool of candidates by using inclusive language in job posting and ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process.

We believe that a diverse workforce not only enriches our culture but also strengthens the ability to serve our customers effectively, globally.

Acoufelt is committed to pay equity, ensuring that all team members are compensated fairly for their contributions. This commitment reflects the company’s values of fairness, equality, and respect for every individual working here.

Acoufelt’s innovative Growth by Sharing (GBS) scheme is a pioneering approach to organizational culture, promoting an inclusive profit-sharing model that extends beyond the traditional shareholder group to encompass the entire team.

By sharing in the financial gains, this strategy ensures that everyone across the entire company, benefits from the company’s financial success, thereby fostering a sense of unity, ownership, and motivation across the teams. This approach not only aligns the team with the company’s goals but also creates a supportive, win-win environment where every member feels valued and integral to success.

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Our commitment to our team goes beyond the workplace, we understand that happy, healthy and engaged employees perform at their best. This is why Acoufelt offer various wellbeing initiatives to support our staff.

This includes an annual paid wellness day off where all team members have a dedicated day to focus on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by partaking in an activity that brings them joy. Acoufelt team members also have access to our comprehensive Employer Assistance Programme.

This includes access to financial advisors to assist with financial planning, nutrition and exercise coaches for optimal health and counselling sessions for mental wellbeing.

We value the contributions of our global team and celebrate team achievements through a dedicated reward and recognition scheme. This programme gives a shout out to outstanding performance, innovation, and dedication across all regions.

Whether it’s a team effort on a project, an individual milestone, or exceptional service to our customers, we ensure that achievements do not go unnoticed.

We believe in continuous learning and growth, both individually and as a team. We invest in our team member’s development at every level, providing ongoing opportunities for training, mentorship, and advancement.



Our success comes from global collaboration with our diverse team of individuals. They are empowered and incentivized to learn and grow.

Integrity underpins all our relationships and actions. We do what we say and say what we do. We build trust with honesty, empathy, and kindness.
We always deliver — quickly, accurately, and with the greatest efficiency in the industry.
Never settle. From product to process, we are relentless in our pursuit to innovate and improve.


We strive to be the easiest to work with. Everything we do is intended to simplify the process and make each customer experience as productive as possible.
We interweave environmental sustainability, human wellness and safety into every project we take on, in our global vision to create more productive and comfortable interior spaces.


We don't just offer jobs, we offer rewarding careers.

Careers at Acoufelt

Acoufelt are always on the hunt for outstanding people to join our global team.

Careers at Acoufelt

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Meet our empowered workforce

Grace Iguis
3D Render Artist – Global
Lucy Pittman
Marketing Manager
Brock Teiffel
Project Sales Coordinator
Olivia Fullman
Internal Sales Coordinator
Shakiba Alizadeh
Sampling and Merchandise Coordinator
Phil Grace
Jannelle Marimla
Sales Executive Assistant
Mark Quising
Architectural Design Solutions – QLD
Sarah Myers
Accounts Payable Administrator
Marieke Van Heerden
Business Support Manager
Adam Parker
Architectural Business Development Manager
Evan Maher
Systems & Digital Transformation Lead
Criselda Romero
Digital Marketing Manager
Anita Drinnan
Architectural Design Solutions
Phil Davis
Financial Project Specialist
Fred Zamani
Business Development Manager
Ferda Erkul
National Sales Manager – Architectural
Ben Grace
Peter Marzato
Business Development Manager
Caleb Mullins
Design Engineer
Mark Taylor
National Sales Manager – Flooring
Keenan Druce
Creative Lead + Senior Graphic Designer
Kirsty Schade
Financial Controller
Jenevive Bestoguey
Accounts Administration
Benjamin Barrett
International Supply & Logistics Lead
Ellen Tutton
People & Culture Advisor
Daniella Candido
Architectural Design Solutions – NSW
Ali Rezaie
Factory Supervisor
Brett Harris
General Manager APAC
Karina Deboar
Material Development & Sustainability Manager
Manuel Carvajal
Production Manager


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