Acoufelt sponsors and exhibits at Material Matters 02 ‘sustainable materials’ exhibition as part of Melbourne Design Week 2024

Acoufelt was thrilled to sponsor and exhibit at this year’s Material Matters 02 exhibition, hosted in the immersive and experiential space Atelier at BETA by STH BNK’s Hanover House, as part of Melbourne Design Week 2024.

Open 23 May – 2 June this year, Material Matters 02 examined the development and application of sustainable materials within the context of retail spaces. The exhibition showcased materials at various stages of innovation, from conceptual ideas to solutions that are already available for commercial use.

Acoufelt exhibited alongside a group of architects, designers, and other makers who contribute to the sustainable transformation of our built environment, including the likes of Breathe Architecture, Nexus Designs and UNStudio. Through the paired-back, informative displays, attendees gained insights into the processes and challenges involved in creating these materials, and their impact on the future of retail design.

Acoufelt’s exhibit was centred around the reuse, recycling and renewal of its acoustic FilaSorb™ felt, which is the core material component used in the majority of its soft architectural products. The display showcased the transition of FilaSorb™ felt offcuts, which, in partnership with UPPAREL, are sorted and shredded into feedstock for FillUP – a cushion and mattress filler manufactured locally in Victoria.

Kicking-off Thursday 23rd May with a free opening night event, week one saw a series of informal ‘Floor Talk’ discussions take place with some of the innovative exhibitors, where each were able to share firsthand insights into how they are challenging and expanding the conventional limits of material application. In week two, the exhibition space then played host to two panel discussions – ‘Science X Design: The Future is Biofabrication’ and ‘Emerging Bio-based and Recycled Materials for Everyday Use’.

“The building sector must overcome its reliance on raw materials if we are to truly embrace circularity” says Karina Deboar, Acoufelt’s Material & Sustainability Manager. “Working with innovators like UPPAREL who are recycling textiles into new products will be key in reducing our impact. In addition to this, pursuing non-destructive installation methods, like adhesive-free accessories, will be a crucial step in Acoufelt’s ability to support sustainable interior spaces and extend the lifecycle of our products. 

We’re proud to have sponsored and displayed at this year’s Materials Matters exhibition, where we were granted the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with other designers, architects and suppliers, and learn about some of the incredible up-and-coming sustainable innovations that are currently in development. Watch this space!” says Karina.

The event was co-presented by Atelier and Collectivity Talks, and Acoufelt was proud to exhibit and sponsor alongside Laminex Australia, Communications Collective, Nexus Designs, Atelier, STHBNK By BEULAH.

Photographer: Matt McQuigann


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