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NSW Education Standards

Acoufelt is an approved supplier and installer of floor-coverings under Scheme DOE525688877 for the NSW Government Department of Education.


All Acoufelt products comply with Australian Building Standards under the BCA, however a number of Acoufelt carpet collections also comply with (or exceed) the additional requirements mandated by the NSW Department of Education through The Educational Facilities Standards and Guidelines (‘EFSG’). 

These collections have always complied, and will continue to comply with the NSW Government’s requirements for carpet quality and performance. 

Have you checked the NSW Government standards for cushion back carpet tiles in education spaces?

The NSW Department of Education has additional requirements for carpet tiles installed in educational facilities under the EFSG, including but not limited to thickness, indoor air quality, recycled content and environmental accreditations. We’ve outlined these requirements in the table below.

Make sure you check these standards before installing carpet tiles in your education spaces, for the well-being of the children and occupants within these facilities. 

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Recommended Carpet Tiles
NRC Rating
0.35 – 0.40
Meets Requirement
Australian Carpet Classification Scheme Rating (ACCS)
Commercial/Contract Extra Heavy Duty (4 stars) + Stairs
ACCS ECS Certification
ECS level 4 (minimum)
Tufted loop pile
100% Nylon
Thickness & Weight
Nominal pile thickness – 2.5mm
Nominal total thickness – 6 to 8mm
Minimum pile mass – 542g/m2 (16oz)
Machine Gauge
Minimum 12th Gauge
Dimensional Stability
less than 0.2% variation
Primary Backing
Spun bonded – polypropylene
Secondary Backing
Cushion Back – 3.2mm+/-0.1mm thickness,
100% recyclable PET, manufactured from a
minimum 90% recycled PET content

Indoor Air Quality
Low VOC emission to comply with Green Building Council Green Star
Recycled Content
Minimum 40% total recyclable content by total weight
Fire Rating – AS/ISO 9239-1
Critical Radiant Flux –
greater than 4.2 kW/m2
Smoke Development Rate – mean less than 250% x min

Comply with AATCC 134 less than 3.5Kv at 21 degrees
Environmental / ESD Green Accreditation
Min Requirements: Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS) level 4.
Green Building Council V1 compliant ESC level 4 – max points.
Comply with ISO9001 & 14001
Australian Standard
AS/NZS 2455.2

Loop Pile
Tiles must be full stick, if more than 2mm
cupping is apparent after 3 months, contractor
must replace installation at no cost to the Department


Water based
(low odour) release type adhesive.
Contact adhesive will not be accepted.


Compliant Carpet Tile Collections


Seven Seas Acoustic Carpet Tiles


LandLines Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Canyon Carpet Tiles

Canyon Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Monitor Carpet Tiles

Monitor Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Elemental Carpet Tiles

Elemental Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Flinders Carpet Tiles

Flinders Acoustic Carpet Tiles

Other Services

Ensuring we continue to be easy to do business with, Acoufelt also offers the following services across all education spaces: 

  • Supply and install of QuietBack™ acoustic carpet tiles
  • Supply and install of ‘pinnable’ or hook & loop acoustic wall panels 
  • Supply and install of acoustic ceiling solutions
  • Supply and install of QuickDrop™ carpet tiles for flexible and temporary installations 
  • Furniture removal and replacement
  • Asbestos removal and treatment
  • Supply and install of vinyl floor coverings
  • Supply and install of broadloom carpet

Installation Before & After

Our Commitment to Sustainability

ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

Manufacturing to International Standards

Assessed against International Standards of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, our manufacturing processes deliver quality, high-level service and products, while reducing our impact.

Generated using 40%
solar energy

Powered by solar

The use of solar panels attached to our key factory locations also means that your favorite acoustic products, including our FilaSorb™ felt and QuietBack™ carpet tiles, are generated using around 30-40% onsite renewables – powered by the sun. 

Eco labels

Environmental Labels

To support green building projects and material transparency, we offer environmental labels across our products. Our environmental label certifications indicate that our products are safe for people and the planet, and can be used to qualify toward green building ratings.

in 2023

Carbon footprint tracking

To deliver on our mission, 2023 will mark the base year for our carbon footprint, conducted across all areas of the global business. This will help us to set goals for the future, measure and benchmark effectively.

Number of bottles we're diverting from landfill
Number of bottles we're diverting from landfill

Solutions for Floor, Wall & Ceiling

Acoustic QuietBack™ Carpet Tiles

The floor often represents the largest practical surface for acoustic treatment. Installing acoustic carpet tiles can be advantageous in multi-level spaces to absorb sounds of footfall, as well as other mid-frequency sounds.

The highest performing commercially graded acoustic carpet tiles in the Acoufelt floor offering feature QuietBack™. Our QuietBack™ carpet tiles offer a minimum NRC range of 0.35-0.40 and are offered across a range of designs, colorways and thicknesses.

Our carpet tiles have also been designed to be comfortable underfoot, and have a backing made from minimum 80% backing recycled PET material.

Acoustic Wall Products

Walls offer an immense variety of opportunities for acoustic treatment with Acoufelt’s broad range of products, available in a multitude of sizes, colors, prints, cuts, and designs. 

Depending on your acoustic and aesthetic needs, select from our full color panels, printed panels, wall shapes and tiles, as well as our ‘Opus’ acoustic pinboards. Sheets of Full Color panels or Opus acoustic pinboards are effective for sound generated by voice, and should be installed to sit at or above head height.

For the best acoustic results, install panels on adjacent walls. For spaces requiring a more flexible solution, opt for shapes or tiles, which can be quickly and easily installed around any glass or other wall fixtures.

Acoustic Ceiling Products

Depending on the ceiling system available to you, Acoufelt offers a mix of practical, easy-install acoustic ceiling products. 

For rooms with a ceiling grid system, drop-in ceiling tiles are a simple but effective solution; available in both full color and printed options. For rooms requiring a targeted approach – such as a noisy printer or communal lunch table – ceiling clouds can be hung above, offering a large surface area for acoustic absorption. High performing acoustic ceiling panels can also be stuck directly to the ceiling without sagging or drooping, offering an excellent NRC value of up to 0.85.

Past NSW Government projects

Surveyors Creek Public School

Surveyors Creek Public School in Glenmore Park, NSW were given the opportunity to replace the old, worn-out broadloom carpet that covered the floors across multiple classrooms and their library area. The existing carpet was torn, faded, and stained, affecting the visual appeal and enjoyment of the rooms for both students and teachers.

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