CEO message on COVID-19

A Message to all Clients and Colleagues,

Like you, we are monitoring the latest international updates from world health authorities about COVID-19. Acoufelt want to ensure that the requisite resources and teams representing our products and services are available to you, and focused on helping you create quieter places where people love to be.

Subsequently, Acoufelt globally have made a commitment to the following:

  • Our sales professionals will continue to conduct in-person meetings as required, however, our investment in digital communication tools and meeting platforms allows our people to perform anywhere and at any time with colleagues and clients. We urge our customers and clients to request moving meetings online where necessary.
  • Our warehouse facilities are well stocked to respond to increased demand.
  • Our customer service centers are staffed to ensure that your project proceeds smoothly.


In addition to this, our manufacturing sites worldwide will continue to run at regular capacity as we see materials and parts flow to us unhindered. Our plants and workrooms are operating as usual with care to keeping our associates safe.

Acoufelt have been keeping a proactive working position on COVID-19 and we encourage all our industry partners, customers and friends to do the same. We are taking all practical steps to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, clients and other stakeholders as a matter of the highest priority.

Taking a human-centred, holistic approach is part of the essence of Acoufelt and, during difficult times, this approach is exactly what is required. Our approach to the risks associated with COVID-19 have been proactive and calculated, considering all aspects of safety and wellbeing, whilst recognising the need for broader commercial wellbeing.

Acoufelt’s human-centred, holistic approach is integral to our strategy, and shapes all aspects of our business. Naturally, this includes manufacturing processes and supply chain management. As a result, Acoufelt will continue to apply sustainability, just labour practices, uncompromising commitment to quality, and planning for continuity of supply, to every aspect of the supply chain. We have always maintained a multi-faceted supply chain strategy, within and between countries in accordance with our supply and quality continuity planning.

Our holistic approach to global operations gives us great confidence to report that Acoufelt is in a strong position to meet our customers’ demands all around the world.

You can count on us. With a diverse portfolio of products and solutions, we are operating at full capacity to stand ready to deliver our Making Quiet promise to our clients globally.

Ben Grace

Ben Grace, CEO


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