Helping people live in retirement peacefully at Acacia Creek

Acacia Creek Retirement Community

When Masterpiece Living designated Acacia Creek Retirement Community as a “Certified Center for Successful Aging” in 2016, it became one of just 16 communities in the USA to hold this prestigious distinction. This reflects the culture of vitality and engagement that underpins life in every aspect of the Acacia Creek community.

As part of this commitment to a culture of vitality and engagement, living spaces are carefully designed to be purposeful – delivering on the needs of community members in a holistic way. Taking a holistic approach to design begins with asking ‘what is the purpose of the space’? Once this has been answered, the next step is to consider functionality, aesthetics and the acoustic environment.

Set in the beautiful Union City region of California, the designers wanted to bring the beauty of the nearby hills into the restaurant seating area and the bar. An urban hills panoramic photograph was taken in the hills adjacent to Acacia Creek. A landscape image of a nearby mountain was also taken in the hills near Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County – an hour or so north of Union City.

These photographs were printed onto acoustic FilaSorb™ panels using Acoufelt’s QuietPrint™ capability – the combination of fine fiber material and specialist printing technology, allowing for high resolution printing without impacting the acoustic performance of the material. The custom QuietPrint™ panels were then installed in the bar and restaurant area to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere – design that catered for both for the eyes and the ears.

“I’m really pleased with how this project turned out”, says Acoufelt co-founder and CEO Ben Grace. “It goes to show the importance of inquiring into the purpose of the space and asking the customer what specifically they are trying to achieve. The acoustic and aesthetic atmosphere of Acacia creek has been greatly enhanced, resulting in a relaxing and pleasant environment”.

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