Prints for the patient rooms at the SADU


Acoufelt had the pleasure of being involved in the fit-out of patient rooms in the Specialist Advanced Dementia Ward Unit (SADU) at the Repat site in Adelaide, South Australia.

The nature of specialised patient care at the facility means patient rooms need to be designed especially with safety and surface hygiene in mind. This incidentally means specifying hard surfaces and limited furnishings, which can contribute to echo, whilst also impeding aesthetic results. Catherine Hughes, Co-Director of Rehab, Aged and Palliative Care for Southern Adelaide Local Health Network Incorporated, was after a product that could remedy both of these concerns. Catherine reached out to Acoufelt enquiring about an acoustic solution that was safe, hygienic and visually stimulating.

SADU Image

Acoufelt suggested they install a QuietPrint™ panel in each of the 10 specialist patient rooms. These panels could be custom printed to replicate any supplied images, cut to any size, and would achieve a minimum acoustic NRC rating of 0.45. Catherine and the SADU team agreed this would add a unique, personal touch to each room, whilst also absorbing excess sound reverberation in the space.


SADU Image
SADU Image

Family and friends of the Ward were then given the opportunity to vote on a variety of scenic photographs, each tied to the natural environment of South Australia. The winning 10 photographs were then printed on acoustic material and added to each patient room for patients and visitors to engage with. Catherine, the SADU team, and patient family and friends are thrilled with the result.

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