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WoodBeQuiet™ Acoustic Wall Planks

Meet WoodBeQuiet™ Planks; Acoufelt’s award-winning wood-lookalike branded product delivers visual authenticity, acoustic performance, sustainability, and ease of installation — without sacrificing a single tree.


Made from recycled content and available in 11 colors, Acoufelt’s acoustic material is cut into planks and printed with high-resolution scans to mimic the unique look of real woodgrain. Unlike real wood, however, WoodBeQuiet™ planks achieve an NRC of 0.45 and are made from more than 60% recycled PET material.


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French Bobbin




White Elm


Board Walk


Antique Chest


Barn Door


Boat Shed


Log Cabin


Wine Barrel


Picket Fence


Product Details



Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating dependent on sound frequencies and mounting method.
0.45 NRC (no air gap)


ApplicationWall and ceiling
Composition100% polyester
MaterialFilaSorb™ polyester felt
Recycled Content60% min. rPET
NRC Rating0.45
Dimensions200 x 1000mm
Custom sizes available upon request
Thickness12mm +/- 10%
Quantity per carton15
Fire Test MethodAS ISO 9705:2033 (according to AS 5637.7:2015 requirements)
Group NumberGroup 1



Acoufelt design engineers stand ready to serve on your design team, marrying their deep understanding of the art and science of sound management to your vision with custom cutting, coloring, printing, bevelling, shaping and technical advice to soundscape your designs.

How to specify

Icon Surface
1. Choose your surfaces.

Soundscape your space by placing your sound absorptive products where they have the greatest impact, factoring in high traffic and noisy areas. Hint: install sound absorbing products on adjacent surfaces for better reverberation results.

Icon Color
2. Select a color, pattern or cut.

Choose from our broad palette and design gallery, or use our custom capabilities to design your own.

Icon Measure
3. Measure your installation space.

Take the dimensions and get in touch so we can help you soundscape your space efficiently.

Discover the advantages of WoodBeQuiet™ acoustic planks from Acoufelt


The use of wood in our interiors contributes to sound reverberation, creating an environment that is unpleasant to the human ear. As we create spaces to ultimately serve the people within them, this often removes wood from interior design plans. But what if wood could be quiet? Acoufelt's specialised printing technique enables the acoustic planks to look exactly like real wood. However, unlike real wood, WoodBeQuiet™ planks achieve an acoustic Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.45.


Our WoodBeQuiet™ acoustic planks are made from more than 60% recycled PET material, generated using 40% solar energy, and are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life - making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.


From sourcing to manufacture, Acoufelt are careful and uncompromising on the quality and longevity of its products. Our 20-year warranty ensures that your acoustic planks will maintain their physical characteristics and acoustic properties throughout the warranty period. We want all of our customers to walk away feeling confident in their investments.


WoodBeQuiet™ acoustic planks are much lighter than real wood, and can be easily installed to interior walls and ceilings with a user-friendly 'Peel n stick' backing.

Fast and reliable delivery

Through our ‘Simplifying Quiet’ service delivery promise, we’ve made it easier than ever before to conduct business with us. Our Customer Care Team will work with all the necessary information to determine when your product can arrive at your required location and provide all tracking details — just contact us if there's anything else we can help with.

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Create a purposeful interior with acoustic wood planks

We are proud to manufacture products that are functional and sustainable. With WoodBeQuiet™ acoustic wood planks, designers can now incorporate the beautiful and natural 'look' of real wood into modern interior spaces, yet foster a comfortable acoustic environment for occupant's productivity, creativity, as well as physical and mental well-being.

If you want to improve the soundscape within your interiors, browse our collection today. Acoufelt also offer a vast collection of carpet tiles, wall panels, planks and ceilings. Check out our helpful FAQs or contact us for assistance from one of our dedicated professionals.

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