Trend influence

Escapism as an antidote to being locked inside for long periods throughout the pandemic is a recurring theme in our color stories. In this particular narrative, a picture-perfect view of rural, countryside living has us exploring our engagement with nature in a much more fantastical but artificial sense; cute cottages, fresh hay, floral gardens and blue skies. A longing for something unapologetically pretty and romantic drives an other-worldly, filmic quality to this aesthetic, taking the form of a highly-stylized, traditional agrarian bliss.

This informs a bucolic palette where warm ‘Turmeric’ provides a playful contrast with exaggerated, agrarian hues ‘Wasabi’ and ‘Peppercorn’, balanced with muted blue
‘Sea Salt’.

In this idealized country experience we see fashion awash with puffy sleeves, bow-tied bodices and ruffled necklines distinguished with embroidery and cross-stitch. A sense of domestic handicraft influences accessories, favoring materials like raffia, and we see a rise in porcelain with floral microprints in homewares.

Color description 

Turmeric is a shaded yellow with flecks of red. The careful combination of dominant yarn colours gives it a crafted, heathered look. Prevailing hues like Turmeric evidence an established color trend toward warmer yellows.


As a warm yellow, Turmeric is confident, but offers a whimsical quality with its nuanced blend of orange and red threads. The mood is playful and eschews slick sophistication, embracing an unselfconscious joy in fantasy.


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