Trend influence

Propelled by the pandemic, we are lured by the idea of a self-sufficient, uncomplicated lifestyle free from excessive possessions and consumption. Away from the stresses of urban living, we transport ourselves to the remote coastal life in all its untouched beauty. Instead of battling against nature and its hostility, we learn to live in sync with it, using the natural cycles of the environment to our advantage. We resurge with optimism and resilience as we find ourselves thriving in the toughest of environments, unlocking a newfound appreciation of the natural world and the local communities that have helped us to live here.

The aesthetic that follows is rugged but paired back; a nod to the untouched, remote landscape. Colors are muted from the fading effects of the sun, salt, and sea. Bleached and weather worn, this gives the colors within this palette a sense of harmony. Designs are beautifully simple and functional, pairing well with textures drawn from natural fibers and materials like string, mesh, rope, galvanised steel and felted wool. We also see this design trend in the form of retro sea-inspired kitchenware, homewares and jewellery.

Color description

Umber is a red brown with a slightly blue cast, giving it a subtle warmth. As a washed out, muted tone, Umber is a highly neutral and functional color, pairing well with a mix of palettes.


Representing resilience, simplicity and neutrality, Umber makes us feel calm and at peace with our surroundings.


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