Surveyors Creek School transformed with ‘Monitor’ QuietBack™ carpet tiles replacing old broadloom in classrooms and library

Surveyors Creek Public School

Surveyors Creek Public School in Glenmore Park, NSW were given the opportunity to replace the old, worn-out broadloom carpet that covered the floors across multiple classrooms and their library area. The existing carpet was torn, faded, and stained, affecting the visual appeal and enjoyment of the rooms for both students and teachers.

The school administration recognised the need to improve the aesthetic of the carpet, whilst at the same time opting for a new floor covering that would offer functional benefits as well. 

The decision was made to replace a total of 1175 square meters of old carpet with Acoufelt’s ‘Monitor’ acoustic QuietBack carpet tiles. The chosen new carpet tiles offer a range of additional benefits that align with the school’s values and requirements

Benefits included:  

Acoustic Performance: Acoufelt’s QuietBack™ carpet tiles are known for their exceptional acoustic properties. Offering a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.35, these tiles help in reducing noise and improving the overall acoustic environment within classrooms and the library. This is particularly important in educational settings where poor echo and speech intelligibility contribute negatively toward student performance.   

Aesthetic Appeal: The availability of multiple colours and design options allowed the school to create a visually appealing and inspiring environment. The ability to mix and match colours, like Cable Blue, Cable Green and Channel, provided flexibility in designing engaging and eye-catching patterns to stimulate the students’ creativity. 


Soft Underfoot: ‘Monitor’ carpet tiles, like all Acoufelt QuietBack™ carpet tiles, offer a soft and comfortable underfoot experience. This is especially crucial in primary school settings, where students may spend extended periods of time sitting on the floor.  

Sustainability: A minimum of 80% recycled PET content is used in the backing of Montor carpet tiles, aligning with the school’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. All QuietBack™ carpet collections are also backed by environmental labels to support claims that Acoufelt products are safe for humans and the planet. 

The installation of Acoufelt’s ‘Monitor’ QuietBack carpet tiles in a mix of Cable Blue, Cable Green, and Channel colors successfully transformed classrooms and the library at Surveyors Creek Public School. The mix-and-match colour options add a playful element to the design, making the areas more engaging and inspiring. The new Monitor carpet has not only drastically improved the visual appeal of these spaces, but also contributed to a more comfortable, sustainable, and acoustic-friendly environment  


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