Azurity Pharmaceuticals sets new corporate design standard with soundscaping baffles for Atlanta office.

Azurity Pharmaceuticals

When Azurity Pharmaceuticals took the step to consolidate their office in Atlanta, Georgia, they reached out to the team at Vickers Design Group. Having been underutilizing an entire floor of the Concourse IV building, Azurity knew they could effectively downsize while simultaneously improving the functionality and comfort of occupied areas. As such, Vickers were tasked with re-designing the new 11,000 sq ft. floor space, ensuring the office was set up to support mixed styles of modern working, while promoting access to natural light as much as possible.

Azurity’s previous space had private offices and rows of tall cubicles that lined the exterior walls, blocking natural light from entering the space. For the new design, meeting rooms were moved to the centre of the space to accommodate the flow of light, and exposed ceilings were harnessed to create a feeling of openness. With this new setup came new acoustic challenges – how to manage sound levels generated in these concentrated central areas, as well as limit reverberation and echo in the surrounding open spaces.

Where light-promoting floor to ceiling windows prevented access to walls, Vicker opted for Acoufelt’s acoustic ceiling baffles in the conference, lounge area and break rooms. Different baffle shapes and colors were selected to give each room a unique identity; ‘Linear’ baffles in colors ‘Charcoal’, ‘Metal’ and ‘Pearl’ for the conference room, ‘Step’ baffles in color ‘Popcorn’ for the breakroom, and ‘Wave’ baffles in color ‘Kale’ for the lounge area. The overarching color palette for the ceiling products was set to match Azurity’s brand colors, where fortunately Acoufelt had a broad range of colorways to select from.

Acoufelt’s hanging baffle products achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75, are made from a minimum 60% recycled PET content, and are available in a range of customizable shapes, sizes and colors. Not only do Acoufelt’s soundscaping baffles transform the acoustics of a space, but their aesthetic value can also enhance the experience and enjoyment for occupants.

Upon completion, Azurity were so pleased with the redesign and new functionality of the office that they pledged for it to become their new corporate standard. Acoufelt looks forward to supporting VickerDesign Group with acoustic solutions in Azurity’s future projects.

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