Acoufelt takes multi-layer panel approach to create custom map wall for Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, North Carolina.

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty is a leading infrastructure group with locations across the globe. As they looked to design their new office space in Charlotte, North Carolina, they were looking for an innovative approach to showcase their project reach within the Charlotte community. Warco Construction were tasked with bringing this vision to life.

The managing designer at Warco Construction reached out to Acoufelt to see how they could utilise Filasorb™ acoustic panels to create a fully custom map wall, including the main lakes, highways, and roadways in and around Charlotte. The map wall would be installed behind the reception desk, offering strong acoustic properties as well as attracting attention to the Balfour Beatty brand and its local coverage.

Acoufelt’s design and engineering team worked closely with Warco to manage every detail of this project. The finished install is composed of 3 layers of panels:

  • Base Layer: 12mm acoustic panel in color ‘Charcoal’
  • Second Layer: 3mm acoustic roll in color ‘Metal’, cut to three specific angle cuts – 30, 60 & 90 degrees to represent the roadways, and another 3mm in color ‘Midnight’ cut to represent the lakes
  • Third Layer: 3mm in color ‘White’ to demarcate the state line and the Balfour Beatty logo

Once the layered design was finalised, the installation method needed to be considered. In this case, the various panels that made up the wall design were carved into specific shapes with outer borders cut to match that of the major arteries. This made for an easy and seamless install when the panels came together.

As a final interactive touch, Acoufelt created circle push pins to indicate the location and size of projects around Charlotte. The Balfour Beatty team now add a new circle pin to the map every time a local project is completed.

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