Keller Williams seek soundscaping assistance for conference rooms and multipurpose breakout space at their Bozeman, Montana headquarters.

Keller Williams Office

Leading real estate company KellerWilliams were alerted to the possible noise problems they could be facing with their new office layout; comprised of a larger cafeteria and breakout space, surrounded by smaller private offices and conference rooms.  

Starting with the central meeting hub, Acoufelt’s acoustic consultants and Keller Williams design team identified the cluster of tables near the kitchen area as the biggest contributor of noise. Located in the centre of the communal space, acoustic wall panelling would’ve been too far from the source to be effective. Instead, Linear baffles were selected and strategically hung from the ceiling directly above communal tables.

Offering a minimum NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.75, baffles offer excellent sound absorption properties, as well as add visual interest to a bare ceiling. Baffles were printed in Acoufelt’s WoodBeQuiet™ ‘Log Cabin’ design to match surrounding wood finishes and complement the warm tones of the office.  

In a neighbouring conference room, the soundscaping needs were different again. Keller Williams required an acoustic solution that would both improve speech audibility for meetings, as well as safeguard the privacy of conversations. In this case, floor to ceiling Fracture ‘Barcode’ tiles in color ‘Pearl’ were installed on office walls to reduce echo and limit sound transmission. The subtle pattern on the tiles also added an element of texture and dimension to the space.  

The mix of wall and ceiling products used in this project is a great reflection of Acoufelt’s personalised approach to resolving each client’s unique acoustic needs.

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