Undulating ‘Wave’ baffle system for landmark Singapore Hotel Fitness Centre

Singapore Hotel Fitness Centre

Situated in the heart of the vibrant Marina Bay district, one of Singapore’s most well-known luxury hotels stands over 200 metres high with unobstructed views overlooking the bay and the city of Singapore. The landmark hotel prides itself on unparalleled luxury matched by exceptional service and grand design.

Alongside its unique selection of rooms and suites, the resort offers first-class experiences including a rooftop observation deck, infinity pool, casino, shopping mall, a broad range of dining options, and a 24-hour fitness centre. The fitness centre and club facilities are complimentary and offered exclusively to hotel guests. Fitted with high-end equipment and personal training services, users are offered a range of workout options, after which they can then unwind in the adjoining lounge and refreshment area. With occupant comfort at the forefront, every design detail has been carefully considered – including the acoustic environment.

Naturally, gyms and fitness centres are conducive to a myriad of competing noises, from music to the dropping of weights, and the echoing of trainer voices. Cumulatively, this can create a loud, distracting and often unpleasant atmosphere for users. With proper acoustic treatment, however, absorptive materials can be installed to reduce reverberation times and overall noise levels for a more enjoyable environment. As such, the hotel’s design team were uncompromising when it came to seeking a high-performing acoustic solution that would simultaneously elevate the grandeur aesthetic of the fitness centre.

Working closely with Acoufelt’s Singapore distributor ‘Acoustics Connect’, the client requested a full-coverage custom acoustic baffle system, integrated at various heights and widths to offer a spectacular undulating, wave-type finish. The ceiling solution would sit above the fitness club’s reception, refreshment, and cardio area.

The finished baffle system is made up of over 32 unique components, totalling over 40m2 of acoustic material, each custom cut to specific dimensions and hung from a U-channel install method. Boasting a minimum NRC of 0.75, the baffle system acts to target excess sound generated directly below, as well as counteract the hard surfaces of the interior to reduce the echo in the space.

Selected in ‘White’, the elegant baffle structure cleverly accentuates the ceiling lights behind, whilst also complementing the cream walls and light oak furnishings for a finished ‘ethereal’ aesthetic.

The project design was conceptualised and realised by “WeCraft Group”, a trans-disciplinary design studio headquartered in Singapore.


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