Tonal mix of baffles and clouds installed to inspire and improve acoustics in study zones for Specialised Assistance School for Youth.

Specialised Assistance School for Youth

Soundscaping is important to consider when designing any learning space, due to the cognitive functions required to comprehend and store new information. For The Specialised Assistance School for Youth (‘SASY’) in the Adelaide CBD, the design team at LDSA were tasked with addressing the interior acoustic concerns, whilst also providing a visually stimulating environment for students.

Recognising that the acoustics in the central study zone needed to be remedied, Acoufelt’s hanging ceiling baffles and clouds in ‘Ripple’ and ‘Circle’ were selected by designers for their playful aesthetic and excellent acoustic properties.

Sets of undulating ‘Ripple’ ceiling baffles were hung above communal tables to effectively target sound produced below and improve the sound reverberation. The mix of colours, selected in ‘Peach’, ‘Peppercorn’, ‘Slate’, and ‘Ivory’, add a lively visual element to the space, bringing to mind a horizon of rolling hills or waves. ‘Circle’ clouds were also incorporated into the design in similar colours, adding a canopy aesthetic to the ceiling while further enhancing the soundscape.

Acoufelt’s collection of ceiling baffles and clouds not only offer sound scaping properties, but they are comprised of a minimum 60% recycled material, produced using 40% solar energy, and are easy to install and maintain, making them a practical solution for busy school environments. Designers can select from a broad range of shapes and colours, or customise their own unique solution from scratch.

The now completed fit-out at SASY is a testament to the importance of thoughtful acoustic design in education spaces. Through the clever integration of Acoufelt ceiling baffles and clouds, the students now have a creative and functional environment that promotes their learning. Acoufelt’s commitment to quality and innovation continues to make a positive impact in the design industry, and this project is a shining example of their excellence in soundscaping solutions.

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