An ode to the essence of the seasons,
embodied in captivating new felt colors

Through the ‘Seasonal Dreamscapes’ story, you’ll explore color and seasonality through enhanced associations across sight, sound and smell. Each new color lets you explore the kaleidoscope of emotions and sensations that come with each season.

Like the seasons, our four new FilaSorb™ colors are distinct yet complementary; hand-selected hues that will invigorate the sanctuaries where you live, work, learn and play.

So, let’s relax into the rhythm of the seasons and awaken our design potential to the marvels of nature's palette.

Wheat is a clean pastel yellow
with beige overtones, offering
an approachable softness.

Technically, Wheat is a combination of white, yellow, beige, and grey threads. It complements our pastel brown ‘Umber’ and pairs well with the ashy-mauve of new ‘Amethyst’.​

Through the color Wheat, we are reminded of our reliance on local agricultural communities and the importance of the harvest in sustaining life.

This inherent connection with the land shapes our cultural identity, which we’ll see play out in wood-carved furniture and homewares, as well as woven textiles favored in fabrics and fashion.​

The threads that make up Wheat offer a harmonious juxtaposition of colors – from the brightness of yellow and freshness of white, to the warmth of beige and versatility of grey.

The vividity of the Summer palette invites us to shift outdoors and bask in the warmth of the sun. It spurs social interaction and calls us to rekindle our connection with nature. Summer energizes us to seek and share joy, reveling in the abundance that this season brings. ​

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An even combination of white
and pink threads gives Valentine
its soft, clean finish.

A true pastel pink, Valentine layers well with our rich red ‘Currant’ and creates a complementary contrast when paired with navy ‘Flint’.

Valentine reflects society’s growing penchant for conscious, effortless luxury. Beauty that is built on structure and order takes prominence.

In apparel and décor, styles are methodical with clean and precise lines, and feathers and floral elements become a recurring motif. Homewares are noted for their cut crystal and glossy lacquer finishes.​

As nature starts to shed its leaves, Autumn triggers a fresh start. It inspires us to refocus, set goals and return to routine and order. We yearn for productivity and fulfilment.

Valentine blends the warmth and vibrance of red with the simplicity and freshness of white. The mix of hues creates a subdued and soft shade of pink, exuding timeless elegance and subtle allure. ​

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An ashy-muave with a hint of pink, Amethyst is comprised of a careful
combination of white, pink, blue
and grey threads.

Sitting within our pastel palette, Amethyst layers well with our ‘Ivory’ and ‘Shiraz’, as well as our new ‘Wheat’ for a complementary contrast.

The desaturated blue-cast pink of Amethyst is driven by social factors that have us favoring local trade, craft and ancient traditions.

In color, we see this come to life in earthy pigments used to dye natural fibers like linen, jute and hemp. Alongside this, craftsmanship in the form of plaits, embroidery and stitching detail will be seen across fashion and homewares. ​

Winter is a time of reflection, recalibration and rejuvenation. Whilst traditionally associated with feelings of melancholy, more nuanced feelings may include nostalgia, mindfulness and even perseverance. ​

The dusty-brown lavender hue of Amethyst marries the “constancy” of traditional blue with the “energy and excitement” of red for a balanced, well-rounded finish. It feels stable, authentic and grounding. ​

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Eucalyptus is a mid-tone
yellow-cast green with a
hint of beige.

A combination of green and beige threads, Eucalyptus creates a complementary contrast when paired with new ‘Wheat’, and layers well with our neutral ‘Ivory’ and deep brown ‘Walnut’.​

The changing climate and intensity of the sun results in harsh environments with a raw, parched aesthetic. Seeking green as an oasis, dried and drought-tolerant plants inspire the desaturated tones of ‘Eucalyptus’.

Across the board, natural colors and regenerative bio-materials are favored over the artificial. In fashion, fibers are sought for their resilience and cooling abilities, and in homewares we see this play out through rough, textural surfaces like sand sculpture and salvaged wood.

As flowers blossom, Spring blooms hope and anticipation. This season inspires us to embrace change and fresh beginnings as we turn over a new leaf, embarking on a journey of renewal and awakening.

The calming green of Eucalyptus evokes a sense of tranquility, peace and well-being. Its earthy hue conjures feelings of new life and vitality, reminding us of our connectedness with nature.

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