Eucalyptus is a mid-tone
yellow-cast green with a
hint of beige.

A combination of green and beige threads, Eucalyptus creates a complementary contrast when paired with new ‘Wheat’, and layers well with our neutral ‘Ivory’ and deep brown ‘Walnut’.​

The changing climate and intensity of the sun results in harsh environments with a raw, parched aesthetic. Seeking green as an oasis, dried and drought-tolerant plants inspire the desaturated tones of ‘Eucalyptus’.

Across the board, natural colors and regenerative bio-materials are favored over the artificial. In fashion, fibers are sought for their resilience and cooling abilities, and in homewares we see this play out through rough, textural surfaces like sand sculpture and salvaged wood.

As flowers blossom, Spring blooms hope and anticipation. This season inspires us to embrace change and fresh beginnings as we turn over a new leaf, embarking on a journey of renewal and awakening.

The calming green of Eucalyptus evokes a sense of tranquility, peace and well-being. Its earthy hue conjures feelings of new life and vitality, reminding us of our connectedness with nature.

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