An even combination of white
and pink threads gives Valentine
its soft, clean finish.

A true pastel pink, Valentine layers well with our rich red ‘Currant’ and creates a complementary contrast when paired with navy ‘Flint’.

Valentine reflects society’s growing penchant for conscious, effortless luxury. Beauty that is built on structure and order takes prominence.

In apparel and décor, styles are methodical with clean and precise lines, and feathers and floral elements become a recurring motif. Homewares are noted for their cut crystal and glossy lacquer finishes.​

As nature starts to shed its leaves, Autumn triggers a fresh start. It inspires us to refocus, set goals and return to routine and order. We yearn for productivity and fulfilment.

Valentine blends the warmth and vibrance of red with the simplicity and freshness of white. The mix of hues creates a subdued and soft shade of pink, exuding timeless elegance and subtle allure. ​

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