What thoughts, feelings and emotions arise when in the 'Whimsical World' of Flint, and to what extent do you think colour influences these feelings?

This is Flint.
When asked to describe the pigment of Flint, members of
the Acoufelt team classified it as ‘a blue-cast purple’,
‘a deep navy’,
and a ‘metallic grey’.

When asked what thoughts and emotions they associated with Flint, our team recounted feelings of: focus, brainstorming, goal-setting, stability, royalty, fearlessness and assurance. ​

​ Technically, Flint is a formula
of black, purple and red threads.

Erring between shaded purple and navy, depending on the lighting, this colour is truly multifaceted. We think it creates a great contrast alongside our ‘Turmeric’ and new ‘Celery’, as well as pairing nicely with our neutral ‘Almond’ and suite of greys.

But more importantly,
what do you think?

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