What thoughts, feelings and emotions arise when in the 'Whimsical World' of Celery, and to what extent do you think colour influences these feelings?

This is Celery.
When asked to describe the colour of Celery, members of the Acoufelt team classified it as a ‘soft and pearlescent green’, a ‘dusty mint-grey,’ and a ‘light matcha’, to name a few.

When asked what thoughts or emotions they associated with this colour, they recounted feelings of: calm, tranquillity, stillness, healing, freshness and crispness.

Technically, Celery is
a formula of white, beige
and green threads.

At home in the pastel family, this neutral, desaturated green is here to stay as a continuity colour, having been forecasted to transcend seasons beyond 2024. We think it complements our pastel pinks and blues like ‘Flamingo’ and ‘Sea Salt’, yet also pairs well with other neutrals like ‘Pearl’, ‘Ivory’ and ‘Almond’. ​

But more importantly,
what do you think?

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