Acoufelt Celebrates Its Third Year of Wellness and Wellbeing in September

Acoufelt is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its annual ‘Wellness Day’ initiative that took place throughout the month of September. Since 2021, Acoufelt AU has been granting its employees a paid day of leave of their choosing within the month of September, to focus on activities that bring them joy and promote personal wellbeing.

Wellness is a complex and multi-faceted concept encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Acoufelt recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing, which is why the company empowers its staff to tailor their Wellness Day to their own preferences and needs.

Throughout September, Acoufelt employees across Australia seized the opportunity to nurture their personal welfare in diverse ways. From serene nature walks, to picnics on the beach, quality time with family, friends, and pets, and exploring new towns, the snapshots shared by our team members captured the rich tapestry of activities that contribute to their personal happiness and holistic health.

According to Ellen Tutton, People and Culture Advisor at Acoufelt, “the wellbeing of our team members stands as a paramount priority. We firmly believe that a happy and healthy workforce is the cornerstone of a thriving organization. By supporting our employees’ wellbeing, we foster individual job satisfaction, boost overall happiness, and cultivate a positive workplace culture. The ripple effects of this commitment extend far beyond the individual, impacting the entire organization.”

Acoufelt’s Australian General Manager, Brett Harris, says “It has been a pleasure to hear and see the unique ways our staff spent their September Wellness Day. The sharing of images and stories from the day provided an invaluable insight into the various personalities of our workforce, and their mechanisms for promoting their own wellness.”

Investing in wellbeing improves employee productivity and engagement, reduced sick leave, and longer tenure. It is a strategy that not only benefits our dedicated team but also our valued customers who reap the rewards of a motivated, engaged and loyal workforce.

Acoufelt’s September Wellness Day initiative is a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to the welfare of employees and the belief that a balanced and joyful life is the foundation for personal and professional success.

As we bid farewell to September, Acoufelt looks forward to building upon the lessons learned during this year’s Wellness Day. We remain steadfast in our dedication to championing the wellbeing of our employees and nurturing a workplace where happiness and success go hand in hand.


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