Surveyors Creek Public School

Surveyors Creek School transformed with ‘Monitor’ QuietBack™ carpet tiles replacing old broadloom in classrooms and library Surveyors Creek Public School Surveyors Creek Public School in Glenmore Park, NSW were given the opportunity to replace the old, worn-out broadloom carpet that covered the floors across multiple classrooms and their library area. The existing carpet was torn, […]


Granite Trend influence Now that work can be accessed remotely, more people are considering different ways of life, removed from the stresses of urban living. The lure of a simple life, uncomplicated by excess possessions and in sync with nature rather than battling against it, has never been stronger. This notion is no more observable […]


Almond Trend influence The beguiling safety of the home has supported a seismic shift toward remote working. A costly and time-consuming commute paired with the stress and madness of the outer world can make staying at home a hard habit to break. At the cross section between the traditional comfort of the home and the […]


Turmeric Trend influence Escapism as an antidote to being locked inside for long periods throughout the pandemic is a recurring theme in our color stories. In this particular narrative, a picture-perfect view of rural, countryside living has us exploring our engagement with nature in a much more fantastical but artificial sense; cute cottages, fresh hay, […]


Walnut Trend influence Forced inside for long periods of time, we soon fall into the comfort and beguiling safety of working from home. The outside world and all its risks and uncertainties makes the inside world feel conversely calming and reassuring. In terms of visual drivers, there’s a strong neutral element here. The security of shutting the door and knowing you are safe, comfortable and […]


Sencha Trend influence With the comfort of the indoors also comes routine and monotony. Unable to indulge in the usual pleasures of the outside world, we look internally for a distraction. Escapism takes the form of imagination and daydreaming. This drives a dreamlike aesthetic that evokes youthful, nostalgic and pastel tones. Palettes are smooth, solid and protective with an illusory quality. Shaded […]


Umber Trend influence Propelled by the pandemic, we are lured by the idea of a self-sufficient, uncomplicated lifestyle free from excessive possessions and consumption. Away from the stresses of urban living, we transport ourselves to the remote coastal life in all its untouched beauty. Instead of battling against nature and its hostility, we learn to […]

Sea Salt

Sea Salt Trend influence After long periods of shutdown, we see ourselves yearning for something unapologetically pretty, romantic and fairy tale-esque; a blend of idyll naturalism with a heavy dose of fantasy. Think romanticized views of the countryside with quaint cottages, summer picnics and blue skies. This represents an escapism from the dark and compact […]


Currant Trend influence  As much of the world has experienced the paradigm shift toward living with and managing risk, we are now welcomed back into a world where we can leave our houses and fall back into the regular freedoms of our former lives. There is a lost generation of who will have spent two […]


Flamingo Trend Influence Forced indoors, we come to terms with the ease and comfort of our homes. The safety of being able to shut the door and know that we can be calm and quiet reflects a shift from the outer to the inner worlds, and translates visually into the colours and emotions associated with […]


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